The Circle Way Agreements

THREE PRACTICES1. Talk deliberately: knowledge of what is relevant to the interview right now.2. Listen carefully: The learning process is respectful for all members of the group.3 To maintain the well-being of the circle: to remain aware of the impact of our contributions. This space serves as a virtual common good for those who practice the Circle Way. This is a place to:- share stories and best practices related to the Circle Way – Building Relationships That Supports Our Ongoing Work in Circle Hosting – Useful Conversations Trying to Develop This Work around the World – In Search of Feedback and Ideas Related to Hosting Circles We Recognize Circle Way Agreements to Be Available for This Online Space We Listen to Ourselves with Compassion and Curiosity.We Wonder About what we need and what we can offer. To bring people together, to talk about something important, we do not just throw them together and hope that there will be some kind of reasonable result. Instead, the careful host chooses the container that matches the conversation. The roundabout is a container like that. If you use the components of The Circle Way, the circle can help people maintain complexity, resolve conflicts, discover new ways to work together and honor diversity – while having room for dessert and coffee. The conversation is influenced by the shape of the space where people are gathered. Series and a desk are a form to convey a message; The circle is a form to put the goal in the middle and listen to each participant to contribute to the whole.

As simply moving chairs in a circle begins to change the way people communicate, The Circle Way offers a social structure that often helps the conversation get to a deeper, more conscious place. These components of the structure contribute to the listening of every human being and the meaning and wisdom emerging. Manitonquat Medicine Story`s Circle Way emphasizes the practices and resources that use the circle to develop clear communication within the self, family and community. To learn more about this work, please go You`ll find out more about other circular lines. The circle, or council, is an old form of meeting that has brought people together in respectful conversations for thousands of years. In some parts of the world, this tradition remains intact, but in some societies it is almost forgotten. As Christina Baldwin describes it, the circle came back to move us forward. Even within the hierarchy, the Way Circle works. Having people of all levels as co-leaders in the circle leads to smart decisions and actions. The Circle practice is very successful in business environments, non-profit organizations, community organizations, schools, universities and religious communities.

The circular path brings people together in a circular shape with participants on the edge and the goal in the middle. Each person has a voice and everyone can see and hear each other. Social agreements and practices facilitate respectful conversations. Circle supports a leader in each chair. In typical meetings, official leaders see both questions and answers, while maintaining control.



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