Ku Leuven Internship Agreement

Apart from that, there are no other criteria related to this type of internship. Therefore, you do not have to take into account a specific minimum duration or duration, you do not need to write a report and you are not evaluated by the faculty for internship activities. A free study internship should not include a part of research, so that it is quite possible to carry out a “hospitation” internship, for example in this context. It is also possible to do an internship in which you perform a wider range of tasks. 3. The student requests a job report from the internship company. If the internship company does not have a workstation report card, the group T universal worksheet can serve as a guideline. The employer (possibly advised by the prevention adviser and/or the occupational physician) decides whether a medical evaluation is necessary. Based on the risk analysis of the worksheet, the following conclusions can be drawn: Looking for additional information? – You can find the free internship guide here. – Erasmus+ information All parties involved must have received an original contract signed by all parties no later than one week before the start of the internship.

Under no circumstances can the internship begin until the document is signed by all parties involved. Students from universities and engineering schools can apply for an internship or thesis at imec. Imec offers themes in engineering, natural and industrial sciences for a wide range of activities. The programme is aimed at students of technical or scientific background, but students with other qualifications can also apply. The internship must be included in a contract between KU Leuven and the company or institution in which you are doing the internship. International students who do not have EEA nationality can only do a voluntary internship in Belgium if two additional conditions are met. Please note that if, after illness, a student needs to recreate a few days of internship and these days do not fall within the duration or scope of the internship contract, the duration of this internship contract must be changed. .

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