Jelaskan Isi Perundingan Civil Affairs Agreement

The content of the negotiations is the agreement for the transfer of Indonesia from the British side to the Dutch side, which specifically concerns Sumatra (Indonesian territory presented by the South East Asia Command (SEAC). In accordance with these provisions, the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Army will be authorized, in the first phase, to organize military operations, conduct military operations and restore low-level order (security and order). After capitulating on August 15, 1945, Japan had to abandon its occupied territories. This meant that the colonies originally conquered by the Westerners of the Allied bloc had to be returned. In fact, Western countries still have the right to continue to govern their colonies first. As far as Indonesia is concerned, the Dutch have been preparing since April 1944 for the renewal of Indonesia. Since this month, the Dutch and British governments have held negotiations in London and Kandy. The negotiations resulted in what came to be known as the Civil Business Agreement. After World War II, negotiations took place in London, England, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and resulted in the Civil Agreement on Business. In particular, the area previously occupied by countries belonging to the Allied group, including the Netherlands, which once controlled Indonesia. Particularly with regard to the Sumatra area as an area under the supervision of the Southeast Asia Command (SEAC). Civil Affairs Agreement or Civil Affairs Agreement is an agreement that has become the main determinant of the Indonesian revolutionary movement.

This agreement essentially mandated the Dutch army, which was in Indonesia, to clean up all remaining Indonesian armed forces and then be handed over to the Dutch. At least this agreement triggered several important incidents in Indonesia`s history, ranging from the Battle of Surabaya, the Battle of Medan, the Bandung Lautan Api Event, the Battle of Ambarawa to the Red and White Manado Event, 3. The entire Indonesian territory must be liberated from the force of Indonesian troops and handed over to the Dutch through NICA 2. Britain was tasked with helping restore Dutch power over the land of Indonesia The Civil Agreement is an agreement between the British Government and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.



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