Heathrow Airport Concession Agreement

In October 2012, the company announced that it had changed its name to Heathrow Airport Holdings. Colin Matthews, the company`s chief executive, said that given the reduction in the number of airports owned by the company, the baa name is no longer appropriate; After the sale of Stansted, Heathrow Airport would display 95% of its business. Any remaining airport owned by the company again operates under its own name and not under the BAA banner. [21] A: This is our most popular question and the answer depends on a number of variables. Our retail contracts are concession contracts with a duration of at least three years and the financial maturities represent a percentage of net turnover or a guaranteed minimum, whichever is greater. Retail dealership rates may vary depending on product category and location. For the second year in a row, Heathrow has been voted the world`s best connected airport by the Megahubs Index. With a total of 475,900 movements, it serves 82 airlines and connects our passengers to 206 destinations. On 19 October 2011, BAA announced that Edinburgh Airport would go on sale in early 2012, with the aim of divesting the operation of the site to a new owner by the summer of 2012. [14] Many groups have reportedly expressed interest, including a consortium of Scottish companies led by the former manager of Edinburgh Airport and Fraport, the owners of Frankfurt Airport, Germany. The airport was sold to Global Infrastructure Partners in 2012. On 18 January 2013, Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited announced the sale of Stansted to Manchester Airports Group, a holding company owned by the 10 district councils of Greater Manchester. Heathrow contributes around £6.4 billion to the country`s economy and is also the UK`s largest employer with 76,500 jobs.

This has a particular impact on the local community, since 56.4% of the people hired by airport companies reside in one of the five neighbouring municipalities…



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