Framework Agreement On Enhancing Asean Economic Cooperation

1. Member States agree to strengthen regional cooperation in the fields of development, production and promotion of agricultural products in order to ensure food security and improve the exchange of information in ASEAN. 2. Member States shall ensure the flexibility of new forms of industrial cooperation. ASEAN is strengthening cooperation in the development of the minerals sector. 4. Member States shall examine further measures in areas of cross-border or non-border cooperation in order to complement and complement trade liberalisation. 2. Member States agree to strengthen technical cooperation with a view to improving the management, conservation, development and marketing of forest resources. AWARE of the rapid and pervasive changes in the international political and economic landscape, as well as the challenges and opportunities arising therefrom, which require a more coherent and effective performance of economic cooperation within ASEAN, 1. Member States shall endeavour to strengthen their economic cooperation through an outward-looking attitude so that their cooperation contributes to promoting the liberalisation of world trade. 1. In order to complement and strengthen economic cooperation between Member States and to respond to rapidly changing external conditions and trends in both the economic and political fields, Member States agree to establish and/or strengthen cooperation with other countries and with regional and international organisations and arrangements.

3. All Member States shall participate in economic agreements within ASEAN. However, in the implementation of such economic agreements, two or more Member States may act first where other Member States are unwilling to implement those provisions. 2. The appropriate ASEAN economic agreements or arrangements resulting from this Agreement shall form an integral part of this Agreement. 1. Member States recognise the complementarity of trade and investment opportunities and therefore encourage, inter alia, cooperation and exchanges between the ASEAN private sector and the PRIVATE SECTOR within and outside ASEAN, as well as the consideration of appropriate strategies to promote greater investment and other economic activities within and outside ASEAN. 2. This Agreement shall not affect the power of Member States to conclude other agreements which are not contrary to the provisions and objectives of this Agreement. 1. Member States agree to further strengthen regional cooperation with a view to establishing a safe, efficient and innovative transport and communication infrastructure network.

1. This Agreement or measures taken under this Agreement shall not affect the rights and obligations of Member States under existing agreements to which they are parties. Member States agree to strengthen cooperation in the fields of research and development, technology transfer, promotion of tourism, development of human resources and other economic sectors. It will also take full account of existing ASEAN agreements in these areas. 2. Member States shall respect the principle of mutual benefit in implementing measures or initiatives to improve economic cooperation within ASEAN. 1. Member States shall strengthen and develop ASEAN economic cooperation in the field of capital markets and shall find further measures to strengthen cooperation in this field. .

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