False Agreement

If a criminal investigation has been opened, a company may wish to obtain a formal declination from the prosecutor before withdrawing the settlement agreement. While some prosecutors refuse to provide a written declination letter, it is usually possible to obtain some assurance, either directly or through the Civil Chamber. Misrepresentation can occur in many ways, including written words, words, gestures, or body movements (such as a nod) or through silence or inaction. B. As a general rule, society should insist that the agreement be neutral with respect to deductibility issues. This usually gives the company the greatest opportunity to deduct some or all of the payments. In some cases, it may be desirable to quantify the “penalties” according to the law. (Note: Crowell & Moring has a memorandum for clients on the deductibility of comparisons under the ACF for tax purposes.) Whether you`ve been sued for fraudulent misrepresentation or you think you`ve entered into a contract with fake nights, the stakes for your business are relatively high. Depending on the nature of your case, the key to your success in court can go back to a very small detail of the fact….



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