Brownfield Agreement North Carolina

Find out where the more than 500 wastelands in North Carolina are located! According to NC DEQ, brown land agreements have generated more than $2 billion in private investment in sites across the state that would otherwise have been abandoned. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post, which contains two case studies that show how the EPA and the NC Brownfields Program have contributed to the reuse of wasteland in North Carolina communities. The Brownfields program often requires an Environmental Management Plan (MEA) in its brown agreements. It aims to ensure the approval of a contaminated media management plan on the ground during construction and development activities. We have seen a wide range of plans that have been developed at different sites and we are aware that there has been some uncertainty among the environmental advisors who developed those plans. Our goal in the manufacture of this model is to distill the plan into its most important components and make it as simple as a filling form. Our goal is to standardize and streamline environmental management plans to ensure that the necessary data is provided and to reduce the number of control cycles required. We hope this will also reduce the total cost to potential developers, both in time and money. The federal program aims to provide state funds for the development and operation of such programs. In addition, grants are provided to local communities for the assessment and remediation of wastelands on a competitive basis. The Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act came into force in 2002. It describes environmental liability, the circumstances in which it is deferred to the state and the circumstances in which it remains at the federal level.

The plans can be find in our “Status and Guide” section on our website. Please note that the plan should only be developed at the request of your project manager. This is important, because not all plans at the same time…. some projects will not be developed until after the brown surface agreement is concluded and some projects will need them before they are completed. In addition, not all sites need such a plan.



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