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Stacy, thank you for taking the time to share your rental experience with us! I`m sure we`ll pass on that compliment. See you next time! – Carol H. Get 10% off the lowest prices if you book your rent at and pay in advance. Cancellation fees are charged on your credit card if you cancel a prepaid booking. 24-hour booking. As part of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty bonus program, Hertz Ultimate Choice allows you to choose your own car and not the owner who assigns you a particular vehicle. Instead, you can choose your car from a variety of vehicles. So you can not only skip the long queue at the rental counter, but also choose from a special selection of vehicles only for Gold Plus members. Many readers have reported extremely long queues at the Alamo counter, especially in Orlando, as it is the official car rental company for Walt Disney World. Try the following strategies. … The owner, Chappy, was cheerful and talkative…

When he found out we were here, because my mother, who had an incurable brain tumour, asked that we all meet again… he was so nice and gave us a free update to a new climb. The upgrade was amazing, but Chappys wa kindness I`ve used Alamo for years, because with Avis, where the only companies that don`t need a down payment when using your credit card, but the other day I go to Avis at Atlanta Harts Airportfield in Rent-A-Car and the lady tells me that now you have to pay a deposit of 100 dollars wow , so I`m ok as I need to take a day off because I don`t know, I had to pay a down payment, so she tells me well that I can`t do that, because now it seems like you don`t have the money to pay for the car, so we can`t let you make a new reservation……. I absolutely can`t believe this lady told me right after I told her I didn`t know a surety was needed, as in the world, it means I can`t pay for the car she obviously doesn`t have to work in customer service and that she was supposed to be the supervisor that I was so ready , get out of this counter and never go back to Almo as I could not get his name, but I will never rent a car from this company Avis is my new home for my rental needs all my needs! Once you make a reservation, you can change or cancel it via Alamo`s website or app. On the day of your booking, you have the option to check in online and go directly to your apartment when you arrive. The experience was great and I would like to use the service again and recommend it to friends and family. The value of the rent was great. The staff were very professional, helpful and friendly. You can book, change and register your booking online so you can skip the line and go directly to your rental on arrival. Alamo also offers last-minute deals and other savings options. Are you looking for a rental alamo or an Alamo discount? On this page we`ve collected alamo car rental discounts, codes and coupons that you can potentially save a hundred dollars or more on a week-long Alamo car rental! Among the best loyalty programs around the National Emerald Club, members can also bypass the rental desk and choose their own vehicle in the Emerald Aisle at many airports when you book a middle class car.

If you choose your rental car online or in the Alamo app, you have several options for body style and vehicle type. Alamo offers both automatic vehicles and hand vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks and trucks, including economy, fuel efficiency, luxury, sports cars and muscle. If you book directly online with, you can also get exclusive prices for additional items such as navigation devices, children`s seats, disposable rentals and more. Better yet, the new Hertz Fast Lane Powered by CLEAR service uses your



If you’re ready to make that next step, all I ask is that you give me a call and we can sit down and chat about your needs and the best way I can help with your next purchase, sale or future investment. At the end of the day, I am here for you, and I’ll never let you settle for a home that you’re not 100% satisfied with.